Cochin tourism offers you all, from its historic edifices to exotic beaches. Read on to know about travel to the Kochi city of Kerala, India.


Surrounded by the Western Ghats on the east and the Arabian Sea on the west, Kochi, formerly known as Cochin, is an important and beautiful port city of Kerala. It is located in the district of Ernakulam, about 220 km north of the state capital Thiruvananthapuram. The city has an estimated population of 600,000, with an extended metropolitan population of about 1.5 million. It boasts of a world-class port, which connects it to many important cities over the world. Etymologically, many theories exist pertaining how Kochi derived its name.

One says the city's modern name is derived from the Malayalam words, Koch Azhi, meaning 'small lagoon'. Whereas, as per some old manuscripts, the traders who came here from the court of Chinese ruler, Khubilai Khan, during ancient times, gave Cochin the name of their homeland. However, one thing constant about the city is that its strategic location has always made it stand out as a significant commercial and industrial hub of Kerala. During the 14th century, Kochi gained a reputation of being an important spice-trading center.

It started attracting travel from all over the world to its shores. Today, this port city of Kerala is a growing centre of information technology, health services, ship building, international trade and tourism and thus, is regarded one of the fastest growing second-tier metros in India. Tourism acts as a big draw for Kochi as it has many tourist places that are a must-watch. Having a coastline of 48 km, Kochi has beaches like the Fort Kochi and the Cherai, which are flocked by domestic and international tourists the year round.

Take for instance, the St Francis Church. It is believed to be the oldest church built by the Europeans in India. This church also happens to be the original burial site of the legendary seafarer, Vasco da Gama before his remains were finally shipped to Lisbon in Portugal. Santa Cruz Basilica, a Roman Catholic cathedral, built in 1557, is another historic edifice located here. Kochi can unarguably be the most ideal point if you wish to see the unfathomable beauty of the state of Kerala.