Learn how Cochin is a colorful mosaic of cultures & how it reflects this through the languages spoken in Kochi, Kerala.

Cochin Languages

Since ancient times, the port city of Cochin witnessed successive waves of migration by the Arabs, British, Chinese, Dutch, and Portuguese, who came here mainly for the purpose of trade. Many of these groups went on to reside in Kochi, before migrating away to other lands. Still, their influence was so strong that it still reflects in the colorful mosaic of varied ethnic communities and groups, which the city is today. It is quite understandable then, why people of Kochi speak so many languages. The major languages spoken in Cochin city of Kerala are given below.

Malayalam is the state language of Kerala. It is also the main language of communication and medium of instruction in Cochin.

After Malayalam, the most commonly spoken language of Kochi is English. It is more commonly used in the business circles.

Though most of the people understand this language, it is not spoken on a usual basis.

Though Tamil is the state language of Tamil Nadu, it is also widely understood in Kochi. However, it is not much used in the daily conversation of people.