Kochi is a colorful mosaic of different religions and cultures. Learn about the religions in Cochin through this article.

Cochin Religions

Cochin ReligionsThe important religions of the Cochin city of Kerala are Hinduism, Christianity, and Islam. Religions like Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, and Buddhism are also practiced here, though they have comparatively smaller followings. A survey of Kochi's demography indicated that it's almost 47 percent population follow Hinduism. Another major religion in Cochin, with a high following (of 35 percent), is Christianity. The presence of so many big and small religions and dialects in Kochi is the fallout of the successive waves of migration over the course of several centuries.

The population of the city comprises a mix of people from different parts of Kerala and India. This pan-Indian characteristic is underscored by the crucial presence of people of varied ethnic groups and communities here, all living together in peace and harmony. Kochi once comprised a large Jewish community known as the Malabar Yehuden. Their descendents are today living in the city and they are playing a crucial role in its business and economy.