This article tells you what clothes to wear in Cochin city of Kerala. Check out how to dress up in case of Kochi travel.

What to Wear in Cochin

What to Wear KochiIndia is a country of, somewhat, conservative people. The tourists coming here are usually advised to follow a certain dress code. There are basically two reasons why it is recommended to be careful about what clothes you wear while traveling in India. The first reason is to prevent you from hurting the sentiments of the local people and second, to protect you from the varied weather conditions prevailing in different states. At some places, like high-end discos and five-star hotels in the metros, you can feel free to take some liberty while deciding your travel wear.

The same rule applies to tourists visiting the Cochin city of Kerala too. Kochi is located at the sea level and thus, the humidity as well as the temperature level is quite high here. Thus, light cotton clothes come as the answer to the question of how to dress up here. Waterproofing is also essential during monsoons. Other essential items that you should add to your travel kit are hats, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, etc. There is one place where you need to be extra careful about the kind of clothes you are wearing - temples.

There are certain things that you need to remember while visiting worship places not only in Kochi, but in other cities also. For instance, bringing footwear inside the temple and entering the sanctum sanctorum is banned in all the temples of India. The customs and codes pertaining to personal conduct and the clothes to wear in temples across Kerala, however, vary from one city to another. Remember that the travel dress code has to be maintained even if you are strolling or just lazing around at any of the beaches in Cochin. Nudity, semi or full, is a strict no-no at public places anywhere across India.