When traveling to Cochin/ Kochi city of India, carry electronic goods keeping in mind its electricity, voltage as well as electric current.

Voltage in Cochin

Cochin VoltageHair dryer, iron, music system…! It is generally these types of electrical accessories or appliances you tend to carry with you while traveling to any city. In case you are planning to visit Cochin city of Kerala, it is important to find out its electricity and voltage condition in advance. It will help you in keeping the electronic goods in shape. Here's some basic information about electric current in Kochi city of India.
  • Electricity: 220 volts.
  • Sockets are of three round-pins variety.
  • You may require plug adaptors.
  • Voltage stabilizers are crucial in case you are carrying electronic equipments of a sensitive nature.
Electrical converters and transformers help in adapting your electrical appliance to foreign power.