Learn about the famous Malayatoor Perunal festival celebrated at Malayatoor, near Cochin (Kochi) city of Kerala, India.

Malayatoor Perunal Festival

Malayatoor Perunal FestivalCenter of Activity: Malayatoor, 47 kms from Cochin

Time of Celebration: March / April

The festival of Malayatoor Perunnal is celebrated in the months of March/April every year. It falls on the Sunday after Easter and is organized at the world-famous Catholic Church at Malayatoor, situated near the Cochin city of Kerala. Situated atop the Malayattoor hill, at a height of some 609 m, this church is dedicated to the famous apostle of Jesus Christ, St Thomas. It is often referred to by the name of the St Thomas Malayattoor Church also. It is believed that St Thomas prayed at this church when he landed in Kerala.

Situated near the Malayatoor St Thomas Church is a hill that is supposed to have his footprints on a rock Malayatoor Perunnal is one of the major festivals of Kochi and draws devotees from around the globe. During the celebration of the festival, pilgrims of all faiths walk uphill chanting the name of the Apostle. The fervor with which the devotees pray during Malayatoor Perunal is simply infectious. Tourists and locals come here to seek spiritual happiness and satisfaction amidst the calm and serene locales of Malayatoor.