Confused when to visit Cochin? October to April is the best time/peak season to visit Kochi. This article explains why…

Best Time to Visit Cochin

Best Time to Visit CochinBest Time to Visit: October to April

Kochi is a clean, green port city in Kerala, which stands dotted with a number of sites and monuments of historical significance. At the same time, it is also emerging as an important bustling trading centre. Keeping in mind the sound infrastructure this region provides tourists; you can plan a visit to Kochi absolutely anytime of the year. However, the peak season to travel Kochi is between October and April, when hot and dry climate prevails.

The daytime temperature would average around 32 degrees Celsius, whereas, the night's would be around 20 degrees Celsius. As Cochin is situated 10 degrees to the north of Equator, it experiences hot and humid climate throughout the year. The period between June and September invariably experiences heavy monsoon showers because of the southwest monsoon. The northwest monsoon causes drizzle during October to December. Thus, the best time to visit Kochi automatically between October and April.