This article provides you information about the major fairs and festivals in Cochin (Kochi) city of Kerala, India.

Cochin Festivals

Cochin FestivalsIf you really wish to know the exotic port city of Cochin inside out, but do not have the time to travel much, then make sure you visit this region during festival time. Apart from some usual festivals that are celebrated throughout India like Diwali and Christmas, Kochi also has its own festivals it celebrates very traditionally. During these festivals, many locals wear their ethic dresses, decorate their homes and perform the traditional folk art forms. Cochin festivals and fairs provide you a vivid glimpse of the local social customs and traditions while you romp around during the sightseeing spree. Here's information about some major fairs and festivals celebrated in Kochi city of Kerala.

Cochin Carnival
If there is one festival the whole of Kochi impatiently awaits every year, then it's the Cochin Carnival held in the last week of December. Fort Kochi is decked up like a bride and tourists, not only from within the country, but also outside, flock to this lovely port city to participate in the revelry. More.

Indira Gandhi Boat Race
Indira Gandhi Boat Race happens to be very colorful water sport-cum-festival held every year. It is organized during the last week of December in the backwaters of the Cochin city of Kerala. Infact, the tradition of holding boat races is not just confined to Kochi. More.

Malayatoor Perunal
The festival of Malayatoor Perunnal is celebrated in the months of March/April every year. It falls on the Sunday after Easter and is organized at the world-famous Catholic Church at Malayatoor, situated near the Cochin city of Kerala. More.

Jewish Festivals
There are many theories pertaining to the migration of Jews to the Cochin city of Kerala. As per one such belief, the people of the Jewish community migrated to this port city in the first century after the second temple of Jerusalem was destroyed in the 72 AD. More.

Thalapoli Mahotshavam of Ponneth Devi Kshethram is held every year in the Malayalam month of Makara Masam, which usually falls around the month of February. The Thalapoli festival begins on pooruruttathi and concludes on Bharani and the five days of puja functions take place in a very grand style.

Onam is the annual harvest festival of Kerala, which is celebrated with a lot of gusto in Cochin also. It falls during August-September and continues for 10 days. Brilliant parade of caparisoned elephants, fireworks and the famous Kathakali dance are traditionally associated with the festival of Onam. It's also the season of cultural and sport events and carnivals.

Utsavam is a yearlong cultural festival evolved by the Kerala tourism to position the entire state as an ideal destination among tourists. As such, the Utsavam comprises a number of traditional art forms of Kerala like dance, music and other dance-based performances.